Buenos aires is more than a geographic point, it is a way of walking, of thinking and seeing. The landscapes combine the cosmopolitan ideals with local traditions, in such a harmonic way that makes the rhythm of the city one of the most unique in the world.

Compared to other major city’s, there is a quality that exceeds the mere reference to Argentina. This is the fact that Buenos Aires is Porteña and regional, a different taste and echo of somewhere else, it is the wind of ‘Rio de la Plata’ and it’s unique vegetation.

But above all else, it is its architecture: every town, every immigrant, and every person has deployed their own dreams on the blank cloth of Buenos Aires to build the plot of its own face.

Nuñez. #HabitatLOSANJ
El barrio más al norte de la ciudad. A orillas del Río de la Plata. Atravesado por el ferrocarril, testigo de la creación. Nuñez. Habitat LOSANJ. Abril de 1873.