1501_Torre View


1501_TORRE VIEW is a 300m2 semi-floor unit with private access, located in the Torre View high-rise housing complex in Vicente López, Buenos Aires.

The house is developed in a half of the complete plant of the tower, which has a privileged orientation towards the northeast, with wide views to the city, the river and the old grove of the classic Vicente López ravines.

The apartment has a wide access that separates the main bedroom en suite, from the living room, toilet and kitchen. A secondary access allows an entrance to the distribution circulation between laundry, service room and 2 other rooms with bathroom.

LOSANJ was commissioned to make profound changes to the design, layout and furnishings through a complete overhaul as a result of dissatisfaction with the unit's original design.


Given the total freedom and compliance with our ideas and schemes by the client, our proposal was deepened down to the smallest detail of the house. The project was based on redesigning each environment, fully exploiting its spatial quality.

As the main axis of the proposal we seek to expand the social spaces of the unit by integrating the kitchen into the living room, demolishing the walls that closed it and the ceilings with unnecessary height changes. In the living room, by designing two pieces of furniture and travertine marble cladding suspended from the two walls that compose it, we seek to accentuate the longitudinality of the space and integrate it with the exterior lighting variants, through reflections and changes in textures.

In the kitchen, the furniture was redesigned in line with the line of the rest of the unit. The countertop surface and storage space were expanded through the innovative design of new compartments that provide capacity, order and flexibility.

In the main room, the dressing room was demolished and it was replaced by a single container dressing room and bed furniture, doubling the visual and storage capacity. In this way, the furniture merges with the wall, providing greater circulation in the environment and a feeling of calm and spaciousness in this rest area.

Bedding was designed in the remaining rooms to create unique spaces.

This reform allowed us to confirm in practice that with the right equipment and simple and clear ideas it is possible to revalue and resignify the space.

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