1867 is a project on an urban plot in an atypical block in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, City of Buenos Aires, which is developed on 5 levels exclusively of houses and garages.

It is morphologically composed of a ground floor free of garages and a hall with double access, on which 3 volumes are developed separated from each other by a void generated on the second level and with different levels of overhangs on their facades.

The façade is resolved through the use of a stretched architectural fabric that filters the sunlight and allows it to be opened according to the level of light desired by the inhabitants of the spaces. As a consequence of the volumes generated by each unit and their materiality, there are 3 rectangular cousins, dissimilar to each other, stereotomic in nature, with a solid appearance, which seem to float with each other.

  • 8 units
  • 80 to 160 m2 covered
  • 150 m2 private terraces
  • 6 garages


The interior of the project seeks to maximize the interior spaces of a house, integrating them into the exterior openings that are generated as a direct result of the separation between the slabs, without any type of masonry or beams that join them. Thus, wide and open visuals with the outside stand out.

As it is a housing project in between with a square in front and a wide boulevard, the visuals have been incorporated as a premise to the project, equipping these large high-performance aluminum carpentry with DVH and a thermal solar control mesh that contributes and beautifies the interior with very varied lights and shadows.

The units were conceived as open and pure plants, seeking to group all the services to expand the free surface of the plant, allowing to achieve multiple spatial configurations and creating flexible and timeless spaces.

Each 2-room or 3-room dwelling unit allows multiple equipment configurations. All of them have kitchen and bathroom furniture exclusively designed by LOSANJ, conceived to meet the necessary requirements of a current living space.

Designed from start to finish to meet the needs of today's home.

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