4050 is a project on an interesting corner plot in Núñez, City of Buenos Aires, which takes place on 6 levels, with a bar and offices.

Its morphology is developed from a free ground floor with a volume that separates the access of the offices from the bar. On this service container prism, 4 solid boxes are stacked aligned to the municipal axis, each separated by a deep horizontal buña.

The facade is resolved from a simple volumetry, with a stereotomic appearance, a characteristic provided through a metal mesh that covers the entire façade. A main volume rests on the ground floor service box. This volume is horizontally demarcated by 4 plugs that generate tension between each level. To each box on 11 September Street, four large, oval rectangles are set in front, containing the balconies of the units.

  • 4 offices
  • 220 m2 commercial spaces
  • 1 bar
  • 150 m2 green terraces


Due to its location as a corner lot, it seeks to generate wide visuals, both in the offices and in the bar, leaving the corner free and generating an atypical curvature on the ochavas of the City of Buenos Aires, which responds to the encounter of multiple street intersections in front of which it is located.

Through the interior design flexible, timeless plants are achieved, which respond to the varied possibility of uses that the demnda may generate. Each unit is equipped with kitchenette furniture, designed to meet the necessary requirements of a current workspace and two bathrooms according to the m2 of each unit.

On the terrace a sectorized relaxation space is developed, with a landscaping intervention that invites reflection and contemplation.

Creating workspaces where we create a desire to stay is the end of our project.

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