4148 is a project on a small corner plot in Núñez, City of Buenos Aires, which takes place on 6 levels, with a bar and offices.

It is morphologically composed of a free ground floor with commercial use and double access, on which 4 volumes are developed, perforated according to their uses and orientation.

The facade is resolved by stacking four boxes demarcated by a subtle buña. As a consequence, a large rectangular prism, of a steroetomic character, with a solid appearance, appears to float on a transparent, light, free ground floor, which gives a certain tectonic character to the whole.

  • 5 units
  • 1 bar
  • 90 m2 private terraces
  • 120 to 360m2 office spaces


The interior of the project seeks to integrate the functions of the bar and offices by means of large subtractions in the slabs that allow cross and interactive visuals to the different spaces.

As it is a corner lot with a northeast orientation, the visuals have been prioritized, equipping the facade with a double glass skin with D.V.H and a mesh of thermal solar control that provides and enhances the interior with very varied lights and shadows.

The units were conceived as open floors to create flexible and timeless space. The core of services, located on one side of the plant, is clad in lacquered panels on the walls that compose it, giving multiple possibilities of use and design and providing warmth and less acoustic reverberation inside.

Each office unit is equipped with kitchenette furniture, designed to meet the necessary requirements of a modern workspace.

Thus, in 4148 we create work environments where its users want to belong and live.

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