Casa Zaguán Ibiza


The slogan of the contest consisted in developing a home conceived as a space of relaxation and inner peace, where culture, passion and art can flow thanks to architecture. The place, Ibiza, one of the most inspiring places we can find to work.

The proposal could be projected as an occasional shelter house or as a permanent home for its inhabitant. Each contestant decided, on the one hand, the profession of their tenant, the exact location of the house and finally the program, bearing in mind that at least the following spaces should be developed: room, study, living room, dining room, gazebo and bathroom.


CASA ZAGUÁN is a single-family home for a plastic artist who will permanently live in Ibiza, Spain. Located on a peak of the island, with a privileged view of Es Vedrá, about 30 meters from the Torre del Pirata viewpoint, the house is located in a kind of valley within the mountain, in which its perimeter is generated courtyards contained by the rock itself.

The project is made up of two planes out of phase with each other. One, the stalls, which works as a base, collapsed from the upper plane, integrates nature into the house and simultaneously opens space to the outside looking for the sea, blurring the limits. The other, the roof, transversely out of phase, simulates levitating by means of a mitered slab, functioning as a green terrace and hiding the house from the superior views.

By superimposing both planes, uses are generated under an order from public to private, the gallery being public, and the atelier and the room private, all separated by patios, thus responding to the typical Spanish architectural tradition of the colonial era.

The house is structurally resolved using tape slabs supported by 8 columns and a supporting structural partition that has a gap in the middle, which allows interaction between the artist's gallery in the semi-covered left corner and the atelier.

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