GRECIAGREEN is a 6-unit multi-family residential building developed on semi-floors with private terraces.

It is morphologically composed of a garage-free ground floor on which two volumes are developed, separated by an intermediate patio facing north, which provides double ventilation and lighting for the units.

The facade is the result of the treatment of the volumes that make up the building. It is shown solid through the use of glass skins and inverted concrete beams, and in turn pierced, by the subtraction carried out to generate large balconies equipped with grills.

The fifth façade is resolved with a private dry terrace treatment for the top floor units.

  • 6 units
  • 2 room ap.
  • 55 m2 each
  • 120 m2 private terraces


The units were conceived prioritizing constructive simplicity. The structure was designed in detail so that each spacing generated is a great place to bring the exterior to the interior. Through large aluminum carpentry with D.V.H. Stage lighting and ventilation conditions are generated.

Inside, the lights and shadows of the surrounding trees are reflected in the Slavonian oak flooring with natural brushes, which in turn are accompanied by lacquered wooden cladding on walls, which create warm environments and provide acoustic quality.

The spaces are characterized by the absence of divisions. Kitchen furniture, designed to deconstruct the typical image of a kitchen cabinet, is integrated into the living room equipment, preserving quality, texture and functionality.

Thus, in GRECIAGREEN we achieve environments where we fall in love with both the interior and exterior, which seems to be living with us in each unit.

Creating an inner world is the ultimate goal of any residence. A place where one can reflect and that offers tranquility.

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