LOSANJ HAUS is a contemporary mixed-use urban building located in a passing and atypical land of the City of Buenos Aires, with 5 units developed in complete floors with the possibility of division and private terraces.

It is morphologically composed of a two-volume container portico that is dissociated by its functions: on the ground floor, the commercial space with subsoil, on the other hand, and separated by a large buña, three levels containing offices, houses or full-floor studios, and finally, a subtraction that is generated as a result of the morphological limitations of the City.

  • 5 to 9 units
  • 200 100 / 50 m2 covered
  • 1 bar
  • 100 m2 private terraces


The interior of the project is characterized by the unique situation of double lighting and ventilation in a passing lot of the City.

As it is a plot with double orientation, the visuals have been prioritized, equipping both facades with a double glass skin with D.V.H. and thermal solar control mesh with different density depending on the orientation. The units were conceived as free floors with the possibility of being divided into half a floor. The displaced core of the center contains the vertical circulation of the building that simulates being the unit's own by integrating it into the plant.

Totally stripped, timeless, free and flexible spaces. LOSANJ HAUS is allowed to live in the form of houses, studios, offices, or whatever everyone wants.

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