LOSANJ HAUS is a contemporary mixed-use urban building located in a passing and atypical land of the City of Buenos Aires, with 5 units developed in complete floors with the possibility of division and private terraces.

It is morphologically composed of a two-volume container portico that is dissociated by its functions: on the ground floor, the commercial space with subsoil, on the other hand, and separated by a large space, three levels containing offices, houses or full-floor studios, and finally, a subtraction that is generated as a result of the morphological limitations of the City.

  • 1 bar
  • 2 leves store
  • 1 underground
  • 220 m2 covered


The interior of the project is characterized by the unique situation of double lighting and ventilation in a passing lot of the City, offering the possibility of creating any type of commercial proposal.

The ground floor, free of functions and an intern, allows a better use of the premises and creates a unique and inspiring space, accompanied by a large outdoor area on the boulevard.

In the basement are all the service areas and also a room for private events.

LOSANJ HAUS BAR is to offer something more, always. Something better, something that makes life easier for the people who inhabit our projects.

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