Mesa Flor AS_02


Memory The XII International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest 2019 featured DIABLA, the new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and accessories from GANDIABLASCO®.

DIABLA is free, passionate, colorful, and opened her doors to design an outdoor piece with which to enjoy life outdoors. This piece could be a piece of furniture, a complement, a lamp, it had no limit.


MESA FLOR AS_02 is a table that seeks to surprise us in those moments that surprise us, where friends join a meeting, where needs change from moment to moment.

MESA FLOR AS_02 is a coquette that seeks, through versatility and flexibility, to satisfy different demands without resigning the harmonious aesthetics of a well-designed product. Entirely made of aluminum, its morphological composition is based on that of a flower; as it grows it emerges from the inside out. The table defies the rules of gravity, generating tensions between the different planes as it opens and rotates, giving infinite configuration possibilities.

Structurally it is made up of a round 25mm extruded aluminum tube, which provides rigidity, but at the same time great visual lightness. It is perforated on all its faces up to 25cm in height, allowing its level and position to be adjusted to different demands by means of the hidden lock in the thickness of the bottom of the lids.

The 9mm caps are made of aluminum with rounded edges and a plug in its lower space that contains the spring-loaded latch to lock it in the vertical tube. As they are all on the same plane, they have a maximum thickness of 36mm. The two intermediate covers are recessed, and when closed, they form a buña.

The MESA FLOR AS_02 allows as users join their environment to add more tables within it, expanding its capacity by up to 4 times the original surface.

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