NEW O’HIGGINS is a design for a 21-unit multifamily residential building on an urban lot in the City of Buenos Aires.

It is morphologically composed of a ground floor free of garages and a hall on which 7 levels are developed.

The façade is solved by means of a portico container with 7 trays materialized as inverted concrete beams where each one contains three units that make up the building. These trays house the balconies of the front units and give privacy to the units.

  • 21 units
  • 2 & 1 bedrooms
  • 55 o 40 m2 each
  • 150 m2 common spaces


The units were conceived as professional studios or homes, but the verticality of the building is manifested in the upper levels, where exclusive duplexes are developed equipped with carpentry that sew the double heights of the loft units.

In NEW O’HIGGINS past and future meet and project. To be combined. To be part of today.

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