New York is the emblem city of professional progress, great ambitions and great corporations. A place where the idea of ​​success is pursued although on many occasions it is coupled with long working hours. People spend a third of the day or more in workspaces, and most offices were designed to increase productivity regardless of spatial quality or employee well-being.

This was an ideas competition for a new mixed-program tower in New York City. A large hybrid building that generates quality workspaces, temporary housing, cultural and leisure spaces. A small vertical city for the 21st century city, where urban life is condensed and integrated into the fabric of public spaces in New York. The project would be located on a 151 x 131 foot lot, with an area of ​​19,805 square feet, at the intersection of 9th Ave. and 54th St. Hell’s Kitchen, New York, USA.


Considering the city itself and the program, we opted for a 115 x 74 foot rectangular floor plan, thus obtaining a final area of ​​8482 square feet and a height of 707 feet. In order to achieve a flexible and multipurpose building type that resists time, we designed compact circulatory cores, grouped according to the function they fulfill. In this way we reach the ground floor in a clean and organized way, maximizing integration with public spaces.

We develop the functional program of the building starting with its uses and relationship with the environment and the city. In this way, we established the most private functions, such as the hotel, on the upper levels, and left the more public ones, such as the bar, art galleries, and temporary exhibitions on the lower floors.

To foster continuous interaction involving the city and public spaces, the tower is oriented in 4 directions, thus creating terraces and new meeting points in this vertical city. The terraces on each level house various uses according to the desired function, giving us a visual and spatial connection with Central Park, just five blocks away.

The volume generated with the uses of the building maximizes the sunlight conditions on all the terraces and tower. Interaction with sunlight is controlled by double skin on all walls.

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