SEPTEMBER CORNER is a project in a corner of an atypical block of the Nuñez neighborhood, City of Buenos Aires, which is developed on 3 levels, with flexible possibilities of use. It consists of a re-functionalization of the ground floor of a typical single-family home from the 1950s in the city, on which a higher level with a terrace was developed, seeking to achieve broad visuals and integration with outdoor spaces.

The facade, given its orientation, requires large amounts of lighting, which is why it is resolved by opening large and deep openings that generate constant income from controlled natural lighting. On the upper level the terrace is developed with a glazed volume that functions as a large extruded skylight on a void parallel to the staircase, which vertically integrates the interior space, thus cooking all levels and uses of it.

  • 3 levels
  • 360 m2 commercial spaces
  • 1 bar
  • 120 m2 terraces


The interior space design solves the problem of a construction with a small floor but with height and different spaces.

Through the materialization of a straight staircase, according to the longitudinal floor plan, the slabs are emptied on the ground floor and first floor, generating a large vertical void, which integrates and creates a single space, without losing the privacy of each level.

On the ground floor a space with double access is developed for possible commercial gastronomic use, while the service part is housed on the intermediate floor, to achieve an equidistance with the uses on the remaining floors.

At SEPTEMBER CORNER we create a unique, flexible space with great resources to be inhabited.

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