Tumbona AS_01


The 12th International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest 2018 organized by GANDIABLASCO® invited to design a piece that would improve the experience of enjoying life outdoors, promoting creativity and talent by rethinking the spaces that surround us. The contest crossed the borders of design including disciplines as diverse as architecture, art, urban design or fashion.


TUMBONA AS_01 is a deck chair that seeks to satisfy the highest specific of comfort and convenience. Its design starts from the union of two basic and complementary pieces of any architectural space: a table and a deck chair.

The composition is based on a perimeter frame of extruded aluminum tube with chamfered edges, which provides rigidity but at the same time a feeling of lightness and tectonicity, which is juxtaposed with the image of hanging mass provided by the drawer-tray at the junction between back and footboard.

This lounger defies gravity, and thus refers to the tension generated between the light and tectonic horizontal plane of the perimeter frame, and the heavy mass and the hanging of the drawer-tray. The upper part is covered by a thermoplated aluminum sheet, suitable for receiving a cushion and / or foam rubber mat covered in water-repellent fabric.

TUMBONA AS_01 guarantees total functionality for the user, provides a compartment sheltered from the sun and heat, and at the same time maximizes relaxation time, freeing up space for other objects.

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