LOSANJ was born with the conviction to leave a legacy. Legacy is a word that refers to the future, projecting towards what’s to come: to have a legacy is to take it further.

A legacy means to build. No legacy is given, it requires time and effort to build a solid foundation that leads towards the future. Our intake on reality is what allows us to think of tomorrow, the space in which we place our heritage but furthermore the wellspring of that creativity that motivate us.

Presente, futuro, legado, ideas. LOSANJ

Having an idea is knowing how to share it, that is why in LOSANJ we search for a fluid exchange with the environment, with those around us, the world we live in.

“A change is not an isolated event, it is not random. A change is produced by invisible agents, working night and day to make it happen.”

LOSANJ is an interpreter of that change, the one you can breathe in every day, that which roams in our thoughts and opinions, thus creating strong and noble forms that all changes should have. #IntérpretesDelCambio